Recipient of the "Tudor Tănăsescu" Prize from the Romanian Academy for "Data-driven techniques for tuning controller parameters" ("Tehnici data-driven de acordare a parametrilor regulatoarelor" in romanian) (2020) (www.acad.ro   www.acad.ro  www.stiripesurse.ro   www.ziuadevest.ro   www.debanat.ro   www.jurnaldevest.ro   www.timpolis.ro   www.timisplus.ro   www.agentiadecarte.ro   www.oficialmedia.com   www.zhs.ro   www.bibliotecamm.ro   www.news.ro   avizier.upt.ro   The Award)

Recipient of the Honorary Mention in the 2020 IEEE Robotics & Automation Society Romania Chapter Best PhD Thesis Competition PhD Thesis Competition (Honorary Mention, competition link, avizier.upt.ro)

Best Paper Award at 7th International Conference on Information Technology and Quantitative Management ITQM 2019 (Granada, Spain) (The Award)