VHDL Group




Digital Circuit Design with VHDL

Professor Dr.-Eng. Gheorghe-Daniel Andreescu



1. Introduction, design abilities and applications in VHDL – CAD of high-level digital circuit, design, simulations, testing.

2. Implementation of complex applications with field programmable gate array (FPGA) and for application specific integrated circuits (ASIC).



1. Introduction in VHDL, goal, utility, applications

2. CAD environments for: design, implementation, simulation, automatic hardware synthesis

3. Entity design, libraries

4. Sequential states

5. Types

6. Registers and synchronizations

7. Finite state machine

8. Particularizations and applications with FPGA and ASIC - manufacturers specifications


Teaching procedure

1. Teaching based on examples.

2. Example file for students.

3. Power-Point course.

4. Interactive discussions with students, questions and replays.


Actuality, skills and hardware competences received

1. Applications in implementation, instrumentations and control processes.

2. Compacted and competitive applications in hardware companies.

3. Implementations of fuzzy processes and neural networks.

4. In the industrial world, the VHDL experience is well paid.

5. Hardware competences: design, simulation, testing, implementation of complex high-speed applications (with FPGA, ASIC)



•  for any company that promotes own products in hardware applications domain (from home used products to design the internal structure of microprocessors, military applications)



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