SEVEN, Security Enhancements and Vulnerability Assessment for Industry-standard Networks

Security Enhancements and Vulnerability Assessment for Industry-standard Networks


SEVEN (Security Enhancements and VulnErability assessment for industry-standard Networks) is a two year research project funded by the Romanian Ministry of Research and Innovation, CNCS - UEFISCDI, project number PN-III-P1-1.1-PD-2016-1198, within PNCDI III supporting young postdoctoral researches, contract no. 18 / 02.05.2018.

Attacks on industry-standard networks are constantly being reported every year and becoming more and more sophisticated. The subject of security in this category of networks must therefore be addressed in order to alleviate the risk of malicious actions with potentially catastrophic consequences. Since most attacks rely on vulnerabilities unknown due to the lack or proper protocol analysis the SEVEN project proposes the vulnerability assessment of protocols not yet considered for investigation as a first step in the development of security solutions. As solutions for enhancing the security of industrial networks we propose the design of attack prevention mechanisms to assure basic security objectives (e.g. authenticity, confidentiality or key management). These mechanisms will be implemented at the application level. Intrusion detection systems are also considered as an important security enhancement. As an approach for this task we envisage a design based on physical network signal characteristics. Finally, as the system performance is an important aspect, we also consider a performance impact evaluation of the systems retrofitted with the designed security solutions.