I am Professor of Information Security at Politehnica University of Timisoara. My current research interests are in the area of car and mobile systems security. In the past I was preoccupied with more theoretical/formal aspects of cryptography and security which are still of interest to me.

  •   Habil., Politehnica Timisoara, 2016
  •   PhD., Politehnica Timisoara, 2008
  •   Dipl.Ing., Politehnica Timisoara, 2004
Research interests:
  •   in-vehicle network security
  •   embedded and mobile systems security
  •   cryptography, formal methods


I have contributed to more than 100 publications addressing in-vehicle network security, embedded and mobile systems security, cryptography, formal methods, etc. As a brief overview, I'll list here some papers that are more representative for my current research:

You are welcome to check my complete publication list at the link below:


Recently, I have directed two national research projects concerning the security of smartphones and vehicles: PRESENCE (PN-III-P1-1.1-TE-2016-1317, 2018-2020) and CSEAMAN (PN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-1501, 2015-2017)

PRESENCE (PRivacy-Enabled, SEcured iNteractions between vehiCles and smart Electronic devices)

A project dedicated to the security of the emerging ecosystems formed by smartphones and cars

PRESENCE's Webpage

CSEAMAN (Cryptographic Security for Automotive Embedded Devices and Networks)

A project dedicated to the security of in-vehicle networks and components

CSEAMAN's Webpage

Nonetheless, I have also contributed as a member in several national and international research programs: SEVEN (UEFISCDI, PD-2018-2020), COST Action IC1306 (COST 2014-2018, management committee), AVANTSSAR (EU FP7 2007-2010), DISSIS (UEFISCDI, PN2-IDEI 940/2008), and others


I have participated in several international conference program committees and have served as reviewer for various competitive journals in the field. Some of these are listed below:


Last but not least, I am responsible with teaching activities inside UPT. For the moment you can access my old teaching page below. Hopefully I'll find time to update it soon.

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You can write me at:   bogdan.groza   at   upt.ro