Automatic Systems Engineering Research Centre

Starting with 2011, the Automatic Systems Engineering Research Centre is a research unit in the Politehnica University of Timișoara, dedicated to reaching the academic execellence in the research fields of competence.

The main research field is Automatic Systems Engineering, with the following research areas:

  • Systems theory, automatic systems, manufacturing systems, man-machine systems (defining research fiels)
  • Embedded systems, robotics
  • Computational and biologically inspired intelligence

Since July 2014, The Centre is a member of the Central European Living Lab for Intelligent Robotics (CELLI).

The aim of the Centre is to conduct research, reach and maintain the excellence in the fields it gets recognition, to support the graduate and post-graduate education in automation, applied informatics and related fields, and to highlight worldwide the high level research in the the research fields of competence.

The Centre’s team

  • Prof.dr. Ștefan Preitl – founding member
  • Prof.dr. Octavian Proștean – founding member
  • Prof.dr. Radu-Emil Precup – director
  • Prof.dr. Gheorghe-Daniel Andreescu
  • Prof.dr. Ioan Filip
  • Prof.dr. Nicolae Robu
  • Prof.dr. Ioan Silea
  • Prof.dr. Lăcrimioara Stoicu-Tivadar
  • Prof.dr. Vasile Stoicu-Tivadar
  • Florin Drăgan
  • Loredana Stanciu
  • Iosif Szeidert
  • Lect.dr. Adriana Albu
  • Lect.dr. Claudia-Adina Bojan-Dragoș
  • Lect.dr. Oana-Sorina Chirila
  • Lect.dr. Mihaela Crișan-Vida
  • Lect.dr. Norbert Gal-Nădășan
  • Lect.dr. Daniel Iercan
  • Lect.dr. Andreea Robu
  • Lect.dr. Raul Robu
  • Lect.dr. Alexandra-Iulia Szedlak-Stînean
  • Lect.dr. Cristian Vașar
  • Assist.dr. Raul-Cristian Roman
  • Assist.dr. Cristian Zimbru

Temporary members

  • Assist. PhD student Elena-Lorena Hedrea
  • PhD student Alexandra-Bianca Borlea
  • PhD student Ioan-Daniel Borlea
  • PhD student Alexandru-Nicolae Drăguș
  • PhD student Lucian-Ovidiu Fedorovici
  • PhD student Elena-Cristina Luncă
  • PhD student Vlad Negru
  • PhD student Ion Panfilii
  • PhD student Cristian-Vasile Pop
  • PhD student Constantin Purcaru
  • PhD student Marian-Dan Rarinca
  • PhD student Teodor-Adrian Teban
  • PhD student Emil-Ioan Voișan
  • PhD student Iuliu-Alexandru Zamfirache
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