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- Dean of Faculty of Automatics and Computers - "Politehnica" University of Timisoara
- Member of the Department of Automatics and Technical Informatics

Curs Teoria Sistemelor IDD Curs Teme propuse: Tema 1 Tema 2 Tema 3 Tema 4 Tema 5 Exemplu tema rezolvata

Curs Elemente de Automatica/Automatizari/Teoria Sistemelor Curs

Curs Sisteme de conducere adaptiva - master Curs Subiecte Examen SCAD Subiecte
MSEI - cursuri Curs
SED - cursuri Curs
MSD - cursuri Curs
MSSD - cursuri Curs
Curs Estimarea Parametrilor Sistemelor - master 1 ISA Curs
Optimizarea asistata a sistemelor automate material
Sisteme adaptive de conducere avansata material
MS - an II 2016 Elemente Curs AO
Procese stohastice. Implementari

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